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Fabio Stroppa was born in 1971.
Since he was a child he has had three great passions: racing cars, flying and drawing.
He attended the artistic high school in Pavia, where he studied the great masters of the art, thus learning drawing and pictorial and sculptural techniques. He finds his inspiration in the artistic works of Jackson Pollock and Sean Skully, he begins to follow the abstract pictorial current and dedicates himself to the creation of paintings and simple painted sculptures.
Subsequently he attended the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, where it was precisely in those years that he discovered a passion for pop art, looking at artists such as Andy Warhol, Banksy and other prominent Americans.
At this moment, a break with the past takes place: Fabio burns all previous works of art and begins to paint in a pop style. The subjects that predominate his compositions are exclusively cars, airplanes and helicopters.
Returning to one of his great passions, Stroppa attended flight school, wherehe obtained the first class professional flight license to pilot helicopters; thus interrupting the dedication to painting and starting to work as a pilot.
Today he has resumed painting, returning to his origins with pop-style works
of art and with sculptural elaborations, whose theme always remains the automotive and aeronautical one.

critical presentation.

Intense are the pictorial works of the artist Fabio Stroppa who introduces the passion that animates his life into art. His pop studies denote a caregul figurative analysis, the result of years of pictorial training, the precisione of the artistic sign manages to confer that synergistic dialogue that transpires in the passion for engines becoming a work of art, It is as if the artist has managed to bring his great passions to life through pictorial narration, in which his introspective self emerges. His art takes us back to his past, retraces the roots of his life in a contemporary key, developing an innovative art form dedicated to the community.

(Elisabetta La Rosa)



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